Portmanteau Investments

President, Terri Treas - Biography


Terri Treas, President of Portmanteau Productions, is a twenty-eight year veteran of the entertainment industry.  Her skills as a writer and producer for such shows television shows as, “Nash Bridges,” “Lois and Clark,” “Silk  Stalkings,” “Pacific Blue” and “Felicity” are proving extremely profitable for the business community.  Terri uses targeted marketing strategies and skills, product development and branding to put her clients products and services foremost in the consumers mind.  Terri knows how to build a marketing funnel of products for your business so that you attract the right clients and keep them coming back for more.  Her clients experience increases in their profitability and sustainability by their ongoing relationship with Terri.

Some of the products that she has co-created and marketed are “The Wealth Flow System Study Guide,” “The Wealth Flow System Teleclass,” for Laurie Hacking, Step into More, trainer and coach.  “The Essential Selling Cold Calling Wealth Building Technology System” with Carolyn Ziel of Essential Selling Wealth Building Technology.  Carolyn and Terri are very proud that the “Essential Selling Cold Calling Wealth Building Course  has been endorsed by the exclusive and prestigious CEO Space whose President, Bernard Dohrman, has said this is a “must take course” for all of the CEO Space Chapter Presidents in the world.  Terri the VP of Marketing for Durra Enterprises, is currently co-writing 2 books,  and creating a web-store and television show for an exciting new way to approach health with Cheryl Perkins, of Creating Balance, who addresses health and wellness from a lifestyle, organization and nutritional point of view.

Born in Kansas City, Kansas, Terri started her show biz career at 15 years old as a scholarship student at the Joffery Ballet.  Terri knew that her journey was to begin in New York City performing on Broadway.  She did her first Broadway show at eighteen years of age then went on to do eight Broadway shows some of which are “Pippin” “Working” “My Fair Lady”  and “Dancin’”.  She was hired by some of the most prestigious and successful creators of Broadway which include, Oscar, Emmy and multiple Tony awards winner Bob Fosse, Academy Award nominee screen writer and playwright Herb Gardner, Stephen Swartz, Oscar nominated composer of “Pocahontas” and Tony award winning composer for “Wicked.”   She went on to Hollywood to appear in the feature film “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” with Dolly Parton.  She transitioned into acting starring in films such as “The Fabulous Baker Boys” and “House IV.”  She starred in three television series and many movies of the week.  Her favorite television series was “Alienation” for Fox Broadcasting.  Always in search of more challenges she turned her attention to writing and moved behind the camera as a writer producer for hour dramatic television.  She wrote and produced for “Silk Stalkings,” “Pacific Blue” and for “Felicity” whose creator JJ Abrams also created “Alias,” “Lost” and was the director of “Mission Impossible 3.” She has appeared on “Oprah,” “Good Morning America” and been interviewed by all of the major newspapers in the country.