Portmanteau Investments

Making Your Dreams a Reality


From chaos to completion,
From concept to polished brand,
From an idea to a marketable product,
From your dreams straight into your bank account.
That’s what Terri Treas can do for
you and your business.

Time magazine predicted three years ago that by the year 2010 over 50% of the population would be involved in some type of entreprenueal efforts. With our economy in distress, more people are finding their passion and making their living through entreprnuership. Terri Treas is a twenty-eight year veteran of the entertainment industry. She now brings her award winning writing and producing methodology to help entrepreneurs tell their stories and build successful, profitable businesses. Terri supports entrepreneurs and businesses by offering them distinctive targeted wealth building marketing strategies to bring their companies to the forefront of the market place. She will put your products or services in front of the right customers and help you to build a marketing funnel of products so that you attract the right clients and keep them coming back for more.

Terri Treas

Did you know that Portmanteau means to take two words and create a new word or product? Terri’s unique talent allows her to formulate your passion for your business and marry that with words and images to create lasting marketing pictures in the consumers mind that fire up visceral feelings that lead to more sales and more wealth. Terri will take all your knowledge and all your ideas to create a marketing funnel of new products that can form a platform from which to increase your bottom line and set the stage for more growth! If you’re in business to play BIG, then you want to play with Terri. She will accelerate your business and take your best ideas from concept to profitable product. As Carolyn Ziel, a client and owner of “Essential Selling Wealth Building Technology” says about her, “Working with Terri is fun and refreshing. She is ethical, upfront, honest and will bring your product to market QUICKLY…look out, if you want success, it will happen working with Terri, QUICKLY!”

All creative endeavors in business or life that are successful are born and nurtured in a collaborative environment. Terri believes that it is her job to always maintain a spirit of total integrity and supportive relationships so every situation is a “win – win” collaboration. If you are looking for a solid team member who believes that through collaboration all things are possible than you want Terri Treas on your board and on your team.